Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to our Blog!

My mom and I are very excited to be starting this blog. We both love to sew and enjoy making clothes for our friends and family. With the birth of my nephew in July we have kept busy making some clothes for him. (pictures of him will be abundant on this blog) We are hoping to use this blog to expand the people out there who know what we do! My mother has wanted to go into business making children's clothes for others for many years. Since I have learned to sew, and found I love it as much as she does, I have pushed her into pursuing her dream with me by her side. We are very excited and plan on making very cute, high quality, well sewn children's clothing to keep all the children in your life the best dressed in the neighborhood!
We are planning on using this blog to keep people up to date on what all we are working on. We also hope to eventually have samples and price lists on all of the cute children's clothing that we make. We are willing to do special orders and are available to help you pick out and design something special for your child. It does not have to be something you see on this blog or our Facebook page. Please email us for pricing information and/or questions, or feel free to leave a comment. Also make sure to follow us (plenty more to come), and don't forget to tell your friends about us!

P.S. Lots of pics already on our Facebook page!

Leigh Ann

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