About Us

Patti Graves Clifton
My Auntie gave me my first singer sewing machine when I was in the seventh grade, and I learned to use it and quickly made my first outfit.  A couple of years later I sewed all of my outfits to wear while going through high school sorority rush.  I always love to sew, and was excited to begin to make children's clothing after my daughters were born.  I have always continued to sew whether it was making clothes for friends children, or sewing Halloween costumes.  I found a way to work sewing into my professional life, by working doing embroidery and appliques for many years.   Now that I am a grandmother to my beautiful grandson (Lee), my passion for making children's clothes has been renewed.  I have always wanted to go into business for myself doing what I love, and am so excited to be doing it with my daughter.  We can't wait to make beautiful clothes for your children and grandchildren. 
Leigh Ann Clifton
I am 29 years old, and a Registered Nurse.  I have been a nurse for over 4 years, and love taking care of people.  For me making clothes for people is another fun way of helping to take care of others.I have not been sewing for very long, but I have grown up watching my Mother sew. I have learned a great deal through osmosis from observing my Mother for so many years.  I was fortunate to wear beautiful clothing that my Mother made for me as a child.  I have some great people who are always there to help me if I have questions while making something new. I love to make personalized clothing for friends and family.  It is so much fun to see children wearing things that you made and it is great to be able to pick out fabrics, appliques, and monogramming yourself.  We cannot wait to make something for the special children in your life.