Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lee's Baptism

We just had my nephews baptism today. It was a great celebration for my family, and my Mom and I got to show off some of our handy work. The baptism was done by Rev. Rich Webster at St. Lukes. It was a beautiful service and my nephew looked so handsome in his Christening gown that my Mom made for her very first grandchild. My mom amazes me more and more with her talents. This is the second christening gown she has made. Heirloom sewing can be difficult and tedious since you have to sew lots of delicate laces together, but Moms perfectionistic tendencies (that I love to tease her about) really come in handy. In the pictures it is hard to see the details, but it is gorgeous.

(SuSu with Lee in the gown she made)

Another fun thing we added to Lee's outfit was a diaper cover. We wanted to keep something manly on him under that lacy gown. It was so cute. Mom made it out of camouflage fleece and it was lined with orange gingham and had orange buttons (to keep a hunter theme). It was fun to show off something his Daddy loves and keep things a little different.

(Big and Buzi showing off the diaper cover)

The whole family had lunch at Mountain Brook Club after the ceremony. We didn't want Lee to have to wear his gown throughout the whole meal so I made him a special outfit for lunch after the pictures were taken. It was a blue window pane check "Paulie" with a small white cross appliqu├ęd on the yoke. It turned out very well and looked so cute on him.

(starting to get Fussy, but looking cute in the outfit Aunt Lele made)

One more picture of the proud parents and God parents (Tyler's brother and sister-in-law). They were so sweet to come from California to be here for Lee on his special day!

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